AAHOA’s Diligent Efforts to Stop the Troublesome Los Angeles City Homeless Voucher Program Prove Highly Successful


ATLANTA, Ga., Nov. 2 – AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owners Association), the nation’s largest hotel owners association, commends the Los Angeles City Council’s decision to remove the controversial ordinance, “Hotel Land Use and Replacement Housing Requirements,” off voters’ ballots.

This ordinance as originally proposed would have forced hotels to report vacant rooms, by 2 p.m. daily, so unhoused residents could use government vouchers to stay in them without any wrap-around services — placing an immense burden on the hotel industry, creating a serious safety concern for hotel workers and guests, and threatening the LA tourism and travel industry.

AAHOA’s ongoing efforts to address this concern for more than a year have resulted in a new provision that will be announced on November 7 to revise the homeless voucher program into a voluntary opportunity.

“AAHOA applauds the decision to transition the mandatory homeless voucher program into a voluntary initiative. This shift significantly empowers our hoteliers to pursue long-term solutions to a homelessness crisis that must be addressed,” said Laura Lee Blake, AAHOA President & CEO, “By collaborating with local stakeholders, we can create a more compassionate and sustainable future for everyone.”

AAHOA took a strong stance against the original ordinance when it was introduced more than a year ago in August of 2022. On August 5, 2022, approximately 150 local AAHOA Los Angeles Members and association leaders, including President & CEO Blake, Regional Director ND Bhakta, and NELA leader Ray Patel, attended the LA City Council meeting and testified to raise awareness of the high impact this mandatory ordinance would have on the industry.

“Thanks to the efforts and testimonies of AAHOA members, the homeless voucher program will no longer be mandatory, thus safeguarding the guest experience and the broader LA tourism industry,” said Chairman of AAHOA, Bharat Patel, “We are committed to investing our knowledge and resources in initiatives that address homelessness from the ground up. This transition is a testament to the power of cooperation, and we look forward to working with the LA City Council to make a meaningful impact on this pressing issue.”


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