Forecasting and setting realistic goals


During the past couple of months, AAHOA has held several events and conferences, including our 22 AAHOA Regionals, the Fall National Advocacy Conference (FNAC), and our second annual, record-setting HerOwnership. We host these events to share data-driven strategies and have candid conversations about critical issues in the hospitality industry with our members most directly impacted by these matters.

I want to emphasize the pivotal role that forecasting and realistic goal-setting play in shaping the path ahead.

Advocacy at all levels: Foreseeing the challenges that may arise at the federal, state, and local levels is crucial for hotel owners. By proactively engaging in advocacy, we can champion the interests of our community and contribute to a regulatory environment conducive to our success. AAHOA is increasing engagement with elected officials, including back-of-the-house tours for members of Congress.

Networking with related associations: Forecasting the potential connections and opportunities at AAHOA events is essential for meaningful networking. For example, AAHOA has participated in the Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association’s (GHLA) Lodging Market Forecast events both in Atlanta and Savannah, GA. These gatherings brought together AAHOA Members with industry leaders to discuss exciting developments, initiatives, and strategies aimed at enhancing the hospitality industry in the Peach State.

Fair franchising for all: Setting realistic goals in our pursuit of fair franchising is paramount. By fostering collaboration with key stakeholders, we can work toward equitable agreements that empower hotel Franchisees and enhance the overall strength of our industry.

Education for industry excellence: Anticipating the educational needs of hoteliers is vital for our growth.

AAHOA is committed to helping all members make informed business decisions on topics ranging from the labor shortage to human trafficking awareness training and prevention, to fair franchising.

By setting realistic goals for educational initiatives, we empower ourselves and our colleagues with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in an ever-changing industry.

As we look ahead, let us unite in our commitment to forecasting, setting achievable goals, and charting a course that ensures the continued success of AAHOA Members. Together, we can shape a future where our industry flourishes, and every member finds prosperity. Thank you for your dedication and continued support.


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