Technology’s power to shape the industry


Last April, at the 2023 AAHOA Convention & Trade Show, AAHOACON23, a company named Virdee took home the top prize in the AAHOA 2023 Tech Pitch Competition, Co-Powered by HFTP, for its virtual reception software, which is aimed at helping properties become more efficient.

While there were many great companies that participated in the competition, Virdee rose above the pack by fulfilling its goal to free up staff in a way that allows them to deliver a true guest experience.

The ongoing workforce shortage has been a huge problem for our industry, so we’re always looking for innovative ideas and products that will help the hospitality industry solve everyday issues as hoteliers continue to face challenges, like workforce shortages.

Technology is changing the way the hospitality industry does business. It feels like what used to take a year, now takes months, and I believe technology is the key to growing your bottom line and driving positive business outcomes.

With that in mind, the hotel industry is also one of many taking advantage of artificial intelligence – or AI. In an industry that has always traditionally needed human interactions 24/7, AI is starting to play a huge role in carrying out those functions. Whether it’s kiosks instead of front desk agents or robots cleaning rooms, hotel owners are able to supplement their staff using technology.

AI not only helps with labor-shortage issues, but it helps hotel owners save money, avoid mistakes, and oftentimes provide even better service.

Technology also gives us a larger audience. Let’s face it: People are attached to their phones these days. Hotel owners are able to communicate with current and potential customers, giving us the opportunity to respond quicker and provide information in a timely manner. This all helps improve customer service and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

We use technology from start to finish when it comes to hotels these days. We use technology to explore options, book rooms, keep travel documents, check-in, communicate during the stay, checkout – the list goes on.

We couldn’t have predicted 20 years ago how much the industry would evolve, and it’s difficult to predict how much more it will evolve in another 20 years. But we do know that technology is here to stay, and it’s only getting more advanced.

It’s our job to keep up, or we will certainly be left behind.


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