AAHOA Advocates for the Industry Following President Biden’s State of the Union Address


WASHINGTON, D.C., Mar. 8 – Last evening, U.S. President Joe Biden delivered a State of the Union address, providing an optimistic overview of the economy. His statements touched on themes ranging from the Russian-Ukraine war, immigration policies, civil rights, the Israel-Hamas travesty, humanitarian aid in Gaza, forgiving college loans, and tackling over-priced prescriptions.

For AAHOA Members and the hospitality industry, key topics included the extension of tax credits, handling of junk fees for greater disclosure and transparency, and plans for raising the federal minimum wage.

While many post-address analysts have commented that President Biden was using this opportunity to promote his presidential campaign to be re-elected for a second term, the address offered valuable insights into the administration’s future plans and their potential implications for businesses and industry stakeholders in the coming years.

Next week, hundreds of AAHOA leaders, including our AAHOA Board members, Past Chairs, Ambassadors, Government Affairs Committee members, and State association leaders, will arrive in Washington, D.C., March 12–13, 2024, for our twice-yearly National Advocacy Conference.

With an influential Congressional Reception and in-person meetings with the top lawmakers in the country, AAHOA will be advocating for key positions on issues that directly impact the hotel industry on all levels, including:

  • Expand access to capital by increasing the SBA loan limit to $10M and supporting the LIONS Act (H.R. 7242).
  • Address workforce issues by supporting the Overtime Pay Flexibility Act (H.R. 7367) and the SEASONAL Act (S. 2705).
  • Protect Main Street small business owners by supporting the Credit Card Competition Act (S. 1838/H.R. 3881).

“The Presidential State of the Union offers crucial insights into the plans of our top leaders for the upcoming years,” said AAHOA President & CEO Laura Lee Blake. “AAHOA is strategically positioned to address these pivotal issues at our Spring National Advocacy Conference next week, which presents a prime opportunity for us to engage directly with key Members of Congress, advocating for positions that will significantly influence our members, their businesses, employees, and communities. As our members confront escalating challenges, there has never been a more opportune moment for AAHOA to be in our nation’s capital. We will continue to articulate our concerns, establish meaningful relationships, and lay the groundwork for impactful change in the years ahead.”

“President Biden’s address touched on topics such as tax credits, junk fees, and plans for increasing the federal minimum wage; however, AAHOA Members are currently grappling with the tangible impacts of rising inflation, a decline in corporate travel, acute workforce shortages, soaring property insurance rates, and escalating prices for goods and services,” said AAHOA Chairman Bharat Patel. “AAHOA remains committed to upholding our reputation as some of the nation’s most informed, engaged, and knowledgeable association members in Washington, D.C. Our commitment will be demonstrated through substantive interactions with lawmakers at next week’s Spring National Advocacy Conference.”


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