Industry insights in hotel guest satisfaction


According to the J.D Power 2016 Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index, hotel guest satisfaction has increased for a fourth year in a row. Findings from the index further suggest that luxury hotels are specifically driving this trend.

Hotel loyalty programs are coming out on top as a result with guest satisfaction higher for those who are part of a loyalty program, compared to those who are not. This is being seen even more so in an older clientele where two in every three Baby Boomers belong to a loyalty program. With this in mind, hotels need to attract more millennial travelers to sign up to their loyalty programs as millennials are fast becoming the dominant generation. For hotel amenities, there are three clear services that guests rank highly. These are: complimentary Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast and complimentary parking.

For a more detailed snapshot of industry insights into the world of hotel guest satisfaction, see the infographic below which has been produced by The Europe Hotel & Resort.



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