AAHOA Applauds Trump’s Support of Tax Relief for Small Businesses


HARRISBURG, Pa., Oct. 12— AAHOA President and CEO Chip Rogers released the following
statement in response to President Donald Trump’s address Tuesday on tax reform:

“As job creators and entrepreneurs, our members welcome President Trump’s continued emphasis on
reforming the nation’s tax code. The President’s plan to cut small business taxes to the lowest rate in over
four decades will enable hardworking hoteliers to invest in their employees, create new jobs and grow
their businesses. Reforming the system will also dramatically slash overwhelming compliance costs and
simplify the onerous complexities inherent in the current structure. As first and second-generation
hoteliers, AAHOA members have long endured the rising costs and tax mandates associated with building
a business from the ground up. Under President Trump’s leadership, small business owners will finally
gain a reprieve from the crushing burden imposed by the federal government. We urge congress to stand
behind this plan and pass these common-sense solutions that will help small business owners create
opportunities in their local communities.”

For more information, contact Chirag Shah, 202-945-4953 – [email protected] 


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