Expect the Unexpected: Experts Predict the 2020s Will Bring Considerable Changes to the PMS Landscape


Source: Hotel News Resource
by Nicole Dehler, Vice President of Product Management StayNTouch, A Shiji Group Brand
Feb. 26, 2020

For modern hoteliers, the trajectory of PMS innovation defines the trajectory of their hotels. And yet, legacy PMS vendors have failed to adopt a truly innovative approach. Rather than forging ahead of industry demands, they have waited for those standards to materialize, only to chase yesterday’s trends.

Fortunately, according to the recent Skift Hotel PMS Systems Landscape 2020 report, considerable changes to the PMS landscape are on the horizon, indicating an influx of cloud computing, open API marketplaces, middleware layers, enhanced connectivity, and so much more. This can only be a good thing for the hotel tech space in the long run. It would seem that this critical piece of the hotel stack is in the midst of a long-awaited makeover with the help of next-gen vendors determined to shake up the market in 2020 and beyond.

Key Findings from the Report:

  • PMS technology has evolved slowly, limited by one-off integration costs and legacy infrastructure
  • Legacy PMS vendors have contributed to the problem by leveraging integrations as a revenue stream
  • The past decade has seen major changes in technology, as we welcome the shift to cloud computing, mobility, open API, middleware, and more
  • These changes in technology, along with the influence of evolving guest needs, will change the role of the Hotel PMS
  • Modern PMS systems can now truly offer hotels a customized solution
  • While open APIs are gaining momentum, we have yet to achieve full-scale standardization
  • Legacy PMS systems are playing catch-up, and disruption is integral to continued innovation

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