Ohio Congress members propose quarantining coronavirus patients in hotels


Source: Cleveland.com
By Sabrina Eaton

July 16, 2020

WASHINGTON, D. C. – Hotels are hurting for business because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, many people who have tested positive for the potentially fatal virus have trouble isolating themselves at home, particularly if they live in close quarters with a multi-generational family group.

A trio of Northeast Ohio Congress members are proposing legislation that would address both these issues by establishing a federal program that would give states money to lease hotel properties in order to temporarily house individuals with coronavirus who can’t quarantine in their own homes but wish to voluntarily isolate themselves.

Their bill would authorize $1 billion for the suggested program, which is modeled on similar efforts in other countries. Their legislation would make sure that states have in place proper workplace safety standards and hotel cleaning protocols and would require having at least one health care professional on site or on call at all times to monitor the health of individuals being housed at the hotels.

The bill is endorsed by organizations including the Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association, Asian American Hotel Owners Association, and American Hotel and Lodging Association and several Northeast Ohio health care providers issued statements to endorse the bill.

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