Owning and managing the future


When I was a kid, helping my parents at their hotel property, I remember filling the vending machines with Coke cans. When the time came to tackle the monthly revenue, I remember calculating the tax all by hand. This was before calculators were widely used.

Back then, the way we generated revenue and made sales looked very different than it does today.

In today’s world, marketers have more information about prospects and customers than ever before. On top of this, the way guests search the internet to find certain hotels and, ultimately, book a particular hotel has changed.

Data science and AI are rewriting all the rules. So, how do you help your hotel stand out from the crowd to gain new guests and retain existing ones? Is there a magical algorithm?

It all starts with search strategies and promoting your product.

Google AI algorithm updates may affect search outcomes. Whether it’s the growth of chatbots, how different types of content engages users in local search using hyperlocal experiences, or the ongoing importance of image optimization and tagging, there’s a new world out there in which your hotel can generate sales.

Digital and social marketing have never been more important or easier – whether you’re an independent or a franchised hotel owner.

By maximizing your hotel’s online presence through local search and SEO, you can create stronger content marketing, generate business through social platforms, and drive ROI through digital media advertising.

The options are endless when it comes to hoteliers building businesses digitally and winning the game of profitability, ultimately saving on your bottom line.

With today’s technology, especially in the hospitality industry, it feels like what used to take a year now takes months of change.

I believe technology is the key to driving business, whether it’s used for marketing, promotion, or sales. The saying used to be, “Build it, and they will come,” but these days, if you don’t promote or market your product, someone else will beat you to the punch.

I think it’s really key in this era and the next 20 or so years. The key is, whoever owns and manages the distribution channel is going to own and manage the future.


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