AAHOA Launches New Initiative HYPE Ownership: Helping Young Professionals Evolve


ATLANTA, Ga., December 7 – AAHOA, the nation’s largest hotel owners association, with nearly 20,0000 members who own 60% of hotels in the nation, announced today the launch of HYPE Ownership: Helping Young Professionals Evolve, an initiative dedicated to fostering the growth and success of emerging hoteliers within AAHOA and across the broader industry.

“AAHOA is excited to launch HYPE Ownership, a visionary initiative spotlighting the rising stars of the hotel industry, and paving the way for a dynamic future led by young professionals,” said AAHOA President & CEO Laura Lee Blake. “It is our commitment to the next generation of leaders of AAHOA as we seek to elevate their contributions to the industry.”

Young Professionals bring a youthful dynamism that provides a fresh perspective to the workplace and hospitality businesses. As the hospitality landscape becomes increasingly competitive, these professionals possess the skills and innovation to elevate AAHOA and help our industry evolve with the times.

“At AAHOA, we recognize the significant impact that Young Professionals have on our industry,” said Tanmay Patel, AAHOA Young Professional Director Western Division. “Many Young Professionals say they don’t see the same ROI in the industry as their parents did; they don’t see the road to success the same way. And those are the types of topics that we are trying to address with HYPE Ownership.”

AAHOA’s HYPE Ownership initiative will provide educational opportunities, networking events, and an annual conference for Young Professionals and hotel industry professionals while establishing AAHOA as the premier resource and advocate for the next generation of leaders in the industry.

“We’re trying to disseminate the message that there are so many different facets of the hospitality industry that can lead to success,” said Dylan Patel, AAHOA Young Professional Director Eastern Division. “We’re working to shape and evolve the future for the next wave of leaders; the launch of the HYPE Ownership initiatives underscore AAHOA’s commitment to the future of our industry.”

“In today’s ever-changing society, Young Professionals play a vital role. Their fresh mindset, adaptability, and willingness to embrace change are exactly what the hotel industry, if not every industry, needs right now,” said Bharat Patel, AAHOA Chairman. “The younger generation of today will soon be the leaders of tomorrow; we must recognize the contributions they make today as the cornerstones of our industry’s future. The HYPE Ownership initiative further highlights AAHOA’s commitment to encouraging young hoteliers to take an active role in hospitality with a program designed with their empowerment in mind.”

As part of our inaugural launch, AAHOA is hosting the inaugural Young Professionals HYPE Ownership Conference on February 6-7, 2024, in New Orleans, LA.

To learn more about AAHOA’s HYPE Ownership event, visit MyAAHOA.com.



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