How current decisions can impact future outcomes


In the early years of AAHOA, many hoteliers were skeptical, not understanding why they should pay $100 in annual dues to become members of AAHOA – and what they would get out of it.

Throughout the 1990s, growth was AAHOA’s main mission and, as AAHOA continued to grow during the next 30 years, the impact of its involvement was exponential, thanks to its work in engaging membership to unite in moving the industry forward.

During the past few years, AAHOA has been working with a coalition of business associations and groups to allow small businesses to choose between multiple credit card processing networks and inject competition into the market. The Credit Card Competition Act aims to keep more hard-earned money in the pockets of small business owners instead of big banks along the coasts. That will result in an estimated $15 billion in savings in annual credit card swipe fees for merchants, including hoteliers.

On top of that, AAHOA has been increasing engagement with elected officials – successfully scheduling one-on-one meetings with legislators and politicians who support critical issues affecting the hospitality industry.

Whether it’s support for the H-2C bill for additional temporary workers to help fill the current labor shortage, increasing the cap of the H-2B Visa Program, The Save Hotel Jobs Act (H.R. 3093), Federal Lodging Per Diem Rates, Human Trafficking Awareness Training and Prevention, and more, AAHOA is able to show elected officials exactly how their decisions are impacting both a business owner and resident in their district.

AAHOA’s commitment to advocacy and support of America’s hotel owners and the industry at large means understanding how to reduce risks and make better business decisions when it comes to these critical issues.

Whether we’re focused on Fair Franchising, housing for homeless vouchers, labor reform, “squatters rights,” short-term rentals, tax reform, ADA lawsuits, and beyond, the insights gained from our current actions will be crucial for AAHOA Members moving forward.

AAHOA’s advocacy agenda aims to inform and educate lawmakers by providing them with insight into the issues small business owners face as they seek to rebuild their businesses, return to the workforce, and harbor a safe environment to continue their operations.

This, in turn, will help us gain perspective and valuable insight into how current decisions can impact future outcomes.


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