The longest journey starts with a single step


If you’ve ever been to an AAHOA event, you would see that what AAHOA is doing to entice young professionals and the next generation is working. Whether it’s the educational sessions geared specifically toward young professionals or networking events, the number of people attending continues to increase, which tells me we’re doing something right.

The hotel industry is used to rapid changes and unforeseen challenges, and our young professionals have proven to be adaptable and valuable assets during these times.

I’m proud to announce AAHOA is gearing up for the launch of a new event in the upcoming weeks, as AAHOA’s 2023-2024 Young Professional Directors Dylan Patel (Eastern Division) and Tanmay Patel (Western Division), are helping with the launch of this new initiative called HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Evolve) Ownership. Be sure to check out our preview on page 40 for more info on this exciting new event.

We know from experience young professionals are eager to learn and grow in their careers. AAHOA is encouraging their professional development and providing mentorship opportunities and continues to offer young professional events, encourage more participation, and garner more interest in our industry.

There are many different ways to get involved in the hospitality industry, and AAHOA wants to ensure the next generation understands they have options when choosing a career in hospitality.

Our ultimate goal is to help create a skilled and motivated workforce. Young professionals are the leaders of AAHOA’s future and the hospitality industry’s future. Their involvement and contributions are vital for cultivating innovation, long-term sustainability, and, ultimately, our industry’s success.

Our unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation stems from the belief they’re the architects of AAHOA’s and the hospitality industry’s future.

As we continue to invest in their potential, we’re confident the outcomes will extend beyond individual success stories, contributing to the overall innovation, sustainability, and triumph of our industry. The journey thus far has been remarkable, and we’re excited about the countless possibilities ahead.

I’m thankful for all the hard work AAHOA has been putting into young professionals and am hopeful knowing this is just the beginning.


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