Teach them well and let them lead the way


AAHOA is excitedly gearing up for the launch of HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Evolve) Ownership in the upcoming weeks, and our first-ever HYPE Conference is this month in Mardi Gras-themed New Orleans.

AAHOA understands that young professionals play a crucial role in shaping and driving innovation within the hospitality industry, often bringing fresh perspectives and progressive ideas to the table. AAHOA highly values the Young Professional Directors on its Board of Directors, recognizing the potential of these individuals as the key to maintaining a thriving association with increasing influence in the hospitality industry.

Growing up in the digital world, young professionals tend to be tech-savvy and proficient in social media. Their exposure to new technologies and evolving consumer trends can help the industry stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing market demands. Their expertise and experience are further enhancing the hotel industry’s ability to utilize technology for more streamlined operations, marketing strategies, customer engagement, maintaining a positive online reputation, and improved guest experiences. By creating a platform for young professionals and including them in the decision-making, we are better understanding the positions and points of view of every generation. This ultimately contributes to a more dynamic, diverse and inclusive industry. In turn, this will help the leadership teams meet the needs of a broad range of customers. Even without decades of expertise, the quality of the experiences of our AAHOA Young Professionals is setting new standards of success in the industry.

The entrepreneurial spirit is clear from our 2023-2024 Young Professional Directors Dylan Patel (Eastern Division) and Tanmay Patel (Western Division), who are helping with the launch of HYPE Ownership. They have exhibited the boldness and tenacity to take necessary risks and pursue new ventures, which is helping AAHOA develop pioneering ideas that are driving industry growth. As many are aware, passing a business from one generation to the next is common for AAHOA Members in the hotel industry. As the seasoned hotelier parents and grandparents take on less responsibility, it is up to the next generation, the young professionals, to take over and ensure the longevity of what those before them have built.

A vision for the future is why AAHOA is committed to helping young professionals evolve and providing the “HYPE” needed to succeed.


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