Indian American Entrepreneurs to Drive the New Wave of Indo-US relations


Source: SME Street
June 15, 2020

Post-Covid Pandemic India and the United States will emerge as the new world leaders. Business and trade between the two nations are expected to steer into the next levels. An all-new success story is likely to be written in the area of trade, business and sports between the two great nations. India origin Entrepreneurs will surely be going to be the hero of this new India-US chapters.

COVID-19 Pandemic has literally jolted the entire world’s economy and is impacting the worldwide equations between the nations. In the post-Covid scenario, experts are expecting a few nations emerging as more united than ever. This is expected from US & India relations. The United States with over 3 Million Indian origin citizens. This data holds a greater prospect for better and improvised relations between the two nations.

Apart from Sunder Pichai of Google and Satya Nadella of Microsoft, there are many Indian origin US citizens who are continuously contributing in the direction of bringing the two countries to be closer to each other in not only business & trade but also culturally.

Strong Voice of Indian Origin Businessmen

One such prominent name is Indian American hotelier & hospitality businessmen Danny Gaekwad who appealed to Donald Trump administration to reopen the economy “With common-sense precautions.” Sharing an overview in the hospitality industry, at a roundtable discussion hosted by Vice President Mike Pence in Orlando recently, Mr. Gaekwad said such a move will “help our industry and our state get our economy moving again.”

Mr. Gaekwad, is a prominent face of Ind-US relations and as a Chairman of OSEM Hospitality Management, he represented the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) in the presence of Vice President Pence. Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and several prominent business leaders from the state were also present in the roundtable.

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