How to manage the COVID-19 impact – Tips & Recommendations from 10 Hotel Industry Experts


Source: Hospitality Net
March 20, 2020

Hospitality Net has created a curated list of the most read How to articles to help you navigate the coronavirus disruption.

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  1. How can restaurants & bars survive COVID-19 pandemic? — By Heleri Rande
  2. How to navigate coronavirus disruption in travel — By Gino Engels
  3. Hotels in crisis can still win: How to adjust strategies without jeopardizing your future — By Alisa Voitika
  4. How Hoteliers Can Get Over the Coronavirus — By David Eisen
  5. How To Make The Most Of A Coronavirus Situation — By Xenia zu Hohenlohe
  6. Train Your Reservations And Sales Team To Show Compassion For Cancellations — By Doug Kennedy
  7. How to Play in the Rain, Not Just Survive the Storm — By Gregg Hopkins
  8. Events Canceled Due to Coronavirus? Here’s How to Replace Lost Business — By Daniel E. Craig
  9. Coronavirus Can Live On Surfaces For Hours Or Days: Here’s How To Sanitize Your Hotel Room
  10. The Coronavirus Effect: Latest Trends And How To Respond

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