#AAHOAstrong together


Jagruti Panwala

AAHOA is defined by the resilience, kindness, and unity of all its members. We are united in the fight against this pandemic and the struggle to come out on the other side of it. It is encouraging to see so many of you sharing your stories though the #AAHOAstrong outreach initiatives. Many of you are also making selfless acts of kindness and generosity for your communities, healthcare workers, and your employees. At AAHOA, we are stronger together, and this is even more evident when we give back to the communities we serve.
The notion of unity may seem clouded when we are forced from our regular routines, habits, and scheduled events. Spring marks the time where AAHOA convenes for our annual convention and trade show, where we connect, select our leadership, and celebrate our successes. While we must wait until August for our rescheduled convention, I’d like to highlight some of the ways in which AAHOA is staying united throughout the pandemic.
As public gatherings were cancelled to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the AAHOA team quickly organized a series of virtual events for each region. In the absence of town halls and regional conferences, these events will help hotel owners remain connected with AAHOA Officers, Board Members, Staff, and each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you missed yours, please check out the AAHOA resource page where you can find recordings of every AAHOA Virtual Event Series hosted to date. In the spirit of our regional conferences and town halls, the AAHOA virtual events are a way for members to share information and talk about how we are experiencing this crisis as a community.
America’s hotel owners are coming together in more ways than one. Our virtual events showcase the strong networks our association boasts. Our ongoing advocacy campaigns highlight the strength of our industry’s voice and influence in legislatures across the country. AAHOA Members sent more than 25,000 letters to inform state and federal lawmakers how COVID-19 is impacting hotel owners and highlight measures they should adopt to address our concerns. AAHOA remains committed to ensuring that the interests of America’s hotel owners are represented throughout the COVID-19 relief and recovery process as our government works to get our country back on track.
Things are far from returning to normal, but when they do, it will give us yet another reason to celebrate our industry’s strength and resilience. I thank all of you for everything you do for each other, your communities, and the hotel industry.


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